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First LENSAR in Europe

Kiel, 17 September 2012 Topcon is proud to announce the installation of  the first LensAR Laser SystemTM in Europe. 

First installation in Europe
Topcon is proud to announce the first installation of LensAR in Europe. The Augenklinik Bellevue got the European premiere.  Last Saturday 40 German ophthalmologists witnessed the live surgery in Augenklinik Bellevue.

Augenklinik Bellevue
Augenklinik Bellevue, in Kiel, Germany, was established in 1985 by Professor Detlef. Uthoff. It is one of the larger private clinics in Europe. Per year 12.500 patients are treated and the Augenklinik Bellevue has 4 operation theatres, equipped with the latest technology. Augenklinik Bellevue, Kiel Germany

Femtosecond laser cataract technology just got smarter. Only LensAR's Augmented Reality technology gives you a 3D view of the anterior anatomy, so that every laser pulse can be precisely placed giving you confidence and peace-of-mind.

The LensAR Laser System™ integrates proprietary automated biometry, advanced ocular imaging and measurement technology, 3D-CSI™ (Confocal Structured Illumination) with an advanced ultra short pulse laser. The system is designed to bring a level of precision to the refractive cataract procedure never before thought possible by automating most of the manual incisions and allow for the reduction of ultrasound power required substantially, in all grades of cataracts. The system will perform the CCl's. LRI's. Capsulotomies and Lens Fragmentation automatically after taking a 3D image and accurately measure all of the ocular structures from the front surface of the cornea to the posterior surface of the lens. read more

Augenklinik Bellevue